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breathe, flow, sweat, repeat.

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Happy you're here!

I'm Ella.
I love movement, and I love sharing it.

I'm a yoga teacher based in Berlin. My yoga practice and teachings evolve constantly, with more than 12 years as a yogini and a yoga nerd. Classes I lead are vinyasa & ashtanga yoga inspired, and are energetic, strong, and flowy. I also like enriching the practice with elements from different fields such as calistenics and try to find inspiration all around. I focus on health, in-depth anatomy, and individual differences. Empowering you to explore the space, your body, and your mind, making the practice your own.

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Private Classes

Tailoring a practice for your individual needs and goals. Improving your physical and mental strength, mobility, and focus. Ideal for small groups. Available online.

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Business Yoga

Whether it's a big cooperation, or a four people start up, 30 minutes daily yoga is a great way to benefit your employees' health, focus, and happiness. Also Available online.

Ella Bahry Yoga

bellonet @ gmail